Multiple stories, numerous games,
animations and interactive tools

Gain access to various educational stories, animations and games for your child to enjoy while learning at the same time


Our products are Ads free to prevent exposure to any inappropriate content

Age appropriate
and gender neutral

Our content is age appropriate and gender neutral; providing equal opportunities for boys and girls

Aligned with
Int. standards

Each module of our content has specific leaning objectives that are aligned with International Baccalaureate (IB) learning standards for the target age group


We leverage the power of storytelling to attract children and create a memorable experience

Fun, interactive,
and engaging

We leverage gamification concepts and latest gaming technology to create enjoyable and engaging experience


We are the first to offer digital content focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in the region

Arabic & English

Our content is available in both Arabic and English languages


Our original content is developed through the close collaboration of child development experts, instructional designers, creative writers and animation / visual / artists