The “STEM Buddies” is a short animated series about the daily life and adventures of four friends named Doc, Cookie, Helix and Victor. The children have a robot dog, too that always accompanies them.

Each one of the children is passionate about a particular STEM area. Doc is a Science buff, Cookie is a techno-wizard, Helix dreams of being a great engineer and Victor is a math genius! Each episode addresses a STEM related topic like the water cycle, flying, germs, coding and many more.

Each episode also has a number of learning objectives to cover so parents know what their children are learning. Parents will also be able to assess whether these objectives were met after their children watch the episode.



Don’t let Cookie’s “too cool for school” attitude fool you, he’s a wiz kid who can code faster than anyone, and there’s nothing he loves more than teaching someone about computers and programing.

Cookie can show you how to code a program, fix a bug, and even help you out if you’re having troubles with your robot dog!, but when push comes to shove, he loves his friends and he loves technology.


Helix the Engineer

Give this girl a screwdriver and some wood, and she could build you just about anything! Helix is genius when it comes to building and she loves teaching others about the basics of engineering.

Whether it’s how to build a fix a loose screw, how to build a fort, or how to fly, Helix knows it all! Just don’t let her catch you without your safety goggles on!

Victor the Mathmatician

If you think math is boring, you’ve obviously never met the Victor. It’s impossible to be bored around Victor. He’s enthusiastic, energetic, and most importantly, he knows how to make math fun! Sure, Victor can teach you how to add 2 + 2, but he’d rather show you how to use math in your daily life.

Do you know how to count money? Do you know what it means to have a balanced diet? Victor does, and he’d love to teach you!

Doc the Scientist

Meet the funniest, silliest, most curious scientist around! Doc’s courageous spirit leds her, and her best friends, on spectacular adventures exploring all the wonders of science and the world around them.

So come play along with Doc. She’ll teach you about water, animals, germs, and everything in between! Who knows where her curiosity will lead you next – Maybe to the moon!

Issy the adventurer

What’s better than an adorable puppy playmate? How about an adorable puppy playmate who can fly! Meet Issy, the robot dog! Issy is the smartest, fastest, and most aerodynamic dog in the world!

She may not be fluffy and furry, but she still loves to be scratched behind the ears and play a game of fetch! You can even throw the ball straight up in the air, she’ll fly straight up and catch it right out of the sky!

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